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Contact us if you require custom made Personal Protective Gear or Protective Plastic / Acrylic Products to fight COVID-19.  We are located in Queens, NY. We want to help. Send us an Email : [email protected] or Call 718-392-2026

We are a family owned business based in Long Island City, New York.  

Founded in 199‚Äč4, we have over two decades of experience and expertise in custom acrylic fabrication.

Our capabilities include computer-aid laser cutting, bending, gluing, thermal forming, laser engraving, flame polishing, etc.


We specialize in Custom Acrylic Products, Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Displays, Cosmetics Counter Displays, Acrylic Risers, Domes, Stands, Boxes, Cubes, Cases, Racks, Frames, Acrylic Mirrors, Acrylic Holders, Shelves and much more.

Kindly Visit our GALLERY  to view some of our work.